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ROUTE SETTER TOOL BAG / custom order

Price: 8,000JPY

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Route setter tool bag 

SIZE  :  W 30, H 25cm (
Thickness when closed 2cm)


He is an IFSC-certified international route setter who owns only five people in Japan and is active in many competitions.

A tool bag made exclusively for the route set devised by the routesetter.

 For "Usability and Cool design", we made many trials and took several months to complete.
Of course, Mr. Hiramatsu also used it, and he gave us endorsment.


POINT 1)  A three-dimensional pocket with a wide open.

Adopted a special pattern that opens wide and narrows toward the bottom. Here is the key to ease of use!
The wide opening can be used by people with large and thick hands without stress, but by not creating extra space at the bottom, even if you put small things such as screws and bolts, things will not get lost and you can take it out immediately.
There are two pockets, deep and shallow, so you can conveniently use different sizes of screws.

The inside of the pocket is made of finely textured suede leather, so it feels comfortable against your hands.
Suede is used not only for its softness, but also for its strength that makes it hard to tear even if you put a sharp object in it. Also, by using bright colors, you can see easier what is inside.


POINT 2) Lot of pocket

The small pocket, which is suitable for holding small items such as bits, has a dot button so that it will not overflow when placed. There are also 3 pockets for storing elongated items such as pens etc...

POINT 3) Functional loop.
Drills and carabiner can be hooked on the loops on the left and right. 

POINT4) Closing system
You can close a bag by bringing the flap on the back to the front, so you can carry it with things in it.
The thickness of closed is  about 2 cm!
The compact storage, it is nice for route setters who move a lot and have a lot of belongings.
It is also one of the commitments of Mr. Hiramatsu, who is active both in Japan and overseas.

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Price: 8,000JPY

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