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Sports, hobbies, fashion. . . Things that enrich your life.

Not just a tool, but an item that colors the user's life.

”Things what you love and be happy”

With this concept, we create the items one by one, including cutting, painting, dyeing, sewing, and finishing to make your everyday life a little more fun.

CXM (C by M) is a Japanese brand that stared making chalk bags for climbing .
The founder, Miyo Shibuya, used to work for an apparel company as an accessory designer for over 10 years. She also loves climbing and started by making her own chalk bags based on her carrier as a fashion designer.

"Fashion and climbing" We are exploring new values ​​by combining contradictory things.

CXM started out as a brand of chalk bags for climbing, but now we produce many items that can be used on a daily.
We want to produce beautiful, unique, durable, versatile products that can be used both outdoors and in urban life.

Today, our products are loved by men and women all over the world , and we aim to be a borderless brand that is not bound by conventional models.


CXM products are basically made-to-order products that are manufactured after the order is confirmed. Therefore, it will take some time for delivery.

Please check SHIPPING SCHEDULE for the current delivery time.

All products (excluding stock items) can be custom ordered with sizes and details other than those listed in the shop. We will provide you with an estimate in advance depending on the changes. Please feel free to CONTACT US.


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For residents of Singapore

You can see the fabric sample of custom order at Fit bloc. If you see the samples at fit bloc, please order through there.

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