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MULTI BAG / Neon color mesh

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A colorful nylon mesh pouch that brightens up the inside of your bag.
It can also be used as a partition for bags such as tote bags where the contents tend to get messy.
The bright colors brightly illuminate the inside of the bag, making it easy to search inside the bag and avoid lost items. It will prevent it.
The fluorescent color you see every time you open the bag not only brightens up the inside of the bag, but also makes your heart happy.

It is also recommended use with a transparent bag.

Be Flexible

Made of moderately firm nylon material, very light and not bulky.
You can see what's inside. You can pack smartly even when you tend to have a lot of luggage.

SIZE S : W 24, D 15, H 10cm
SIZE L : W 28, D 18, H 10cm

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Price: 2,750JPY

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