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PORTER / HARF MA1 / custom order

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-- PORTER the chalk bucket --

Design with fonction

The upper half is made of ``MA-1'', a thick, water-repellent, high-performance nylon material that is woven with high density and has its origins in the flight jacket of the United States Air Force.

Not only is the design interesting by combining different materials, but the upper half is made of durable yet lightweight MA1 nylon, which maintains the stability and robustness required during use, while also being lightweight. It is also highly functional when being carried, as it can be stored compactly.

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There is a pocket on the back.
It is divided into 3 rooms, one wide area in the center and two narrow areas the size of brushes on both sides.

The rivets which are used for reinforcement in jeans are on the end of the stitch to prevent damage to the pockets, which are prone to stress, and to accent the design.


We often use a triangular gusset that connects the main body and bottom on our bags.
Eliminating the seams at the bottom prevents moisture from entering through the seams and stabilizes the bottom.

In addition to that, by reducing the number of patterns...Read more>>>


There is a hidden pocket at the bottom where you can put your smartphone etc.
The bottom fabric is doubled and the center of gravity is placed at the bottom to prevent the chalk bag from tipping over. It becomes more stable by putting something in it.

Also, in the winter, you can add a warmer to keep it slightly warm.


Type B is flat so it is not bulky and can be carried around easily, and can be easily sandwiched between boulder mats.

* This design is not possible to make with closing A because the upper fabric is too soft.

 SIZE : H 23, W 15, D 14cm
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CXM Label:
Stitch on top is same color as body.
Stitch color (Optional):
Spring hook is made of plastic. The head looks metallic shine.
Metal (Optional):
Belt (Optional):
If not needed, please select none
Side loop (Optional):
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Lining (Optional):
Add invisible magnet on top center.

Add magnet (Optional):

Price: 6,700JPY

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