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-- BELL the chalk bag--

Design born from necessity

A tool case used by linemen (wire engineers) hanging from their waists at the old American telephone company BELL SYSTEM.
It was a design born out of practicality, with seam allowances and seams exposed to provide strength so that even if sharp tools were inserted, the seams would not be cut.

When I learned about its existence and the meaning of its design, the first thing that came to my mind was the Route Setter's tool bag.
I had heard from a route setter that the seams were torn due to the insertion of sharp screws, so I realized that they were used for exactly the same purpose, and that the shape was exactly like that of a chalk bag. I felt a sense of surprise and a strange connection.

I was inspired by this, and as I started making it, I realized that by having the seam allowances on the outside, there was more space on the inside, which made it easier to chalk up. I realized that by making the bag sit better, it would feel more stable when placed, making it easier to use as a free-standing chalk bag.

3 types of variations

You can choose from variations made of three different materials. Depending on the material, not only the appearance but also the hardness and weight will change. Please choose from your favorite materials to suit your style.
Although it looks small at first glance, there is a large space inside when you put your hand in, so even men with large hands can chalk it up without stress.
Also, the S size allows even children to hang it on their waist without any burden.

The more you use it, the more you will love it

Canvas, denim, and army duck are all fabrics made for heavy use such as work materials, and are extremely durable materials.
The texture and color will become a tasty each time it is used. The more you use it, the more you will become attached to it.

It is the hardest of the BELL BAG series and has a solid finish. Therefore, it feels stable even when placed, and is suitable for use when bouldering.

SIZE S : H 13, W 13, D 8cm, WEIGHT : about20g
SIZE L : H 16, W 15, D 8.5cm, WEIGHT : about26g

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size S: H 13, W 13, D 8cm
size L: H 16, W 15, W 8.5cm

Price: 5,300JPY

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