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EASY TOTE / Army duck / custom order

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Take It Easy

As the name suggests, it's a casual tote bag with an easygoing vibe that you can carry effortlessly.

We use military-grade fabric known as 'Army Duck,' woven with thin threads at high density. While it is thinner than regular canvas, the fabric is densely woven and sturdy, ensuring that even with a single layer, the bag does not lack substance.
We leverage the vintage finish applied to the Army Duck material to showcase its unique texture, leaving the raw fabric edge at the opening. The lightness, stemming from distinctive patterns that minimize seam allowances and overlapping fabric sections, is also one of its appealing features.

A bag that you'll want to use casually every day by simply tossing your everyday essentials. *Note that the appearance of the edge may vary depending on the fabric lot. Additionally, since we use the fabric from edge to edge, it's an environmentally friendly product that minimizes waste in its production.

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A design that is not too rugged

The handles are secured with simple construction using rivets commonly found in reinforcing jeans.

A pocket sized to fit a smartphone.
By incorporating fluorescent colors into the handles and pockets, it adds a modern touch. Find your own favorite combination. The design features a striking presence without excessive ruggedness, making it suitable for use by both men and women.

A handle with customizable length options.

The standard length is 28cm, allowing it to rest comfortably on the elbow.

With a length of 40cm, it can be draped over the shoulder, ideal for lightweight clothing.

For thicker clothing or for men, a 50cm length allows it to comfortably rest on the shoulder.

The handle length is customizable, with three options to choose from. Select the one that best suits your lifestyle and height. (Model height: 156cm)

We also accept handle size customization, and pricing will be provided based on the selected size. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries.

SIZE: H 38cm, W 48cm (opening width), D 16cm (Please note that the height may vary depending on the fabric lot as we use the width of the fabric as is.)
Handle length: 28cm The handle length can be customized to 40cm or 50cm. Please choose your preference as an option.

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Body & Handle back:
Handle face & Pocket:
Metal (Optional):
Handle length (Optional):

Price: 7,500JPY

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